They Couldn't Hit An Elephant: A Review

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They Couldn't Hit An Elephant: A Review

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What is it: A game for reproducing the fighting which occurred during the American Civil War

Scale: The rules work for any size miniature

Period: April of 1861 to April of 1865

Primary Game Mechanism: Cards, for commanders and events

Description: They Couldn't Hit An Elephant is a rule set to allow players to refight the battles of the American Civil War. As written a side will field a corps of infantry/artillery/cavalry. With adjustments it can be used to run games for large battles like Gettysburg.

To begin the game, all troops start on "blinds" cards marked on the face down side with what unit it represents. Players maneuver these blinds until either the are spotted or voluntarily deploy on the table. At this point, regiments take up typical ACW formations: line or column, then shoot or move in these formations. Cavalry also take up the same formations and artillery use the limbered or unlimbered depending on which direction the barrel is pointed.

To be continued.
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