I am a lardie & proud of it

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I am a lardie & proud of it

Post by EvilGinger » Thu May 16, 2013 2:04 pm

Just a quick hi, from the more civilized side of the pond form the organiser of the infamous Beer & Lard day & assorted public Lardie demo's and play tests mostly at the equally infamous Spirit Games.

I am a Board gamer, Role player & Wargamer with particular interests in late antiquity the late 17th & early 18th C WWI & WWII & both fantasy & scifi I have been a professional figure painter & have been slapping paint on figures for at least 35 years to I am told good effect.

I play tested DUX Birranarium but cant spell it & am writing a fantasy version of it. I am play testing AlgyII & thinking about doing a version to use all the X-Wing Miniatures which seem to be accumulating around me

I also have formed a scatological collection of blogs I like and other useful stuff which are to be found here

http://www.bigbangburgerbar.co.uk/Forum ... oard=127.0

& now includes this forum

:evil: Ginger

I also traffic in wargames & other magazines to the world as a sort of living so if you are after a UK published magazine I am your man.

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Re: I am a lardie & proud of it

Post by John Thomas8 » Thu May 16, 2013 3:11 pm

I can't spell DB out, either. :thumbsup: It is a good play and one of the excellent side effects of TFL rules is that they're easily adjusted to work with other periods. Good luck with your re-writes, they should add to the body of TFL work nicely. And make you a spot in a Special or Lard Approved.

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