TCHAE: ACW at Shiloh, 19 Nov 13

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TCHAE: ACW at Shiloh, 19 Nov 13

Post by John Thomas8 » Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:04 pm

General Lew Wallace's rookies against General Daniel Ruggles' division of Bragg's II Corps.

3rd Division – MG Lew Wallace, Inexperienced/Cautious, DAv +0, approximately 6,800 troops
3rd Division Artillery BN:
Battery L, 1st Missouri Light Artillery - Raw
9th Indiana Battery: Lt George R. Brown - Average

5th Ohio Cavalry, 3rd Battalion: Maj Charles S. Hayes - Raw
11th Illinois Cavalry, 3rd battalion: Maj James F. Johnson - Raw

Smith's Brigade: COL Morgan Smith (Professional, DAv +1)
8th Missouri: Ltc James Peckham - SB - Raw
11th Indiana: Col George Francis McGinnis - SB - Average/Aggressive
24th Indiana: Col Alvin Peterson Hovey - SB - Raw

Thayer's Brigade: COL John Thayer (Professional/Cautious, DAv +0)
1st Nebraska: Ltc William D. McCord - SB - Average
23rd Indiana: Col William L. Sanderson - SB - Raw
58th Ohio: Col Valentine Bausenwein - SB - Raw
68th Ohio: Col Samuel H. Steedman - SB - Average

Whittlesey's Brigade: COL Charles Whittlesey (Professional/Cautious, DAv +0)
20th Ohio: Ltc Manning F. Force - SB - Raw
56th Ohio: Col Peter Kinney - SB - Raw
76th Ohio: Col Charles R. Woods - SB - Raw
78th Ohio: Col Mortimer Dormer Leggett - SB - Raw

Ruggles' Divsion, II Corps: BG Daniel Ruggles - Professional, DAv +1, approximately 6,500 troops
Cavalry - Alabama Battalion: Cpt Thomas F. Jenkins

Gibson's Brigade, Ruggles': COL Randall Gibson, approximately 1,500 troops (Professional, DAv +1)
1st Arkansas: Col James F. Fagan - SB - Average/Aggressive
4th Louisiana: Col Henry W. Allen - SB - Average/Aggressive
13th Louisiana: Maj Anatole P. Avegno - SB - Raw/Aggressive
19th Louisiana: Col Benjamin L. Hodge - SB - Average/Aggressive

Anderson's Brigade, Ruggles': BG Patton Anderson, approximately 2,500 troops (Professional, DAv +1)
1st Florida Battalion: Maj Thaddens A. McDonell - SB - Average/Aggressive
17th Louisiana: Ltc Charles Jones - SB - Average/Aggressive
20th Louisiana: Col August Reichard - SB - Raw/Aggressive
9th Texas: Col Wright A. Stanley - SB - Average/Aggressive
Confederate Guards Response Battalion: Maj Franklin H. Clack

Washington Louisiana Artillery, 5th Company: Cpt W. Irwin Hodgson

Pond's Brigade, Ruggles': COL Preston Pond, approximately 2,500 troops (Gifted/Professional/Inspirational, DAv +2)
16th Louisiana: Maj Daniel Gober - SB - Raw/Aggressive
18th Louisiana: Col Alfred Mouton - SB - Average/Aggressive
Crescent (Louisiana) Regiment: Col Marshall J. Smith - SB - Average/Aggressive
Orleans Guard Battalion: Maj Leon Querouze - SB - Average/Aggressive
38th Tennessee: Col Robert F. Looney - SB - Average/Aggressive

Alabama Battery: Cpt William H. Ketchum

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Re: TCHAE: ACW at Shiloh, 13 Nov 13

Post by John Thomas8 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:12 am

I started with only Cleburne's brigade of Confederates, but as I laid them out I found that I have the whole "Corps" for Hardee.

Or Ruggles, since a more than curious glance at the battle shows it was Pond's brigade that Wallace ran into initially, not Cleburne's.

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Re: TCHAE: ACW at Shiloh, 13 Nov 13

Post by John Thomas8 » Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:56 am

This will be an up close and person fight: in TCHAE, smooth-bore (SB) muskets have a range of 4". As far as I can determine, both sides were armed in this manner at this battle.

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