Cold Steel Practice Game 1

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Cold Steel Practice Game 1

Post by John Thomas8 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:23 am

Been a while since I ran IABSM, so I'm going to run a couple of games waiting on my French troops to arrive from the painters.

Mostly just to re-acquaint with the rules, make sure I'm not missing any cards, and to get ready to run a game in public.

So for the first go I'm going Eastern Front, mostly to get the Tigers I had painted up on the table.

It'll be in the last defense belt the Germans got to on the southern flank of the Kursk fight, with the following troops on the table:


1x company commander
1x senior NCO
1x 50mm mortar x2 crew
1x engineer squad of 1 SL and 8 troops
1x HMG (tripod mounted MG42) x5 crew
1x Pak 40 x5 crew

3 Platoons:
1x platoon leader
3x 1 SL, 1 MG34x2 crew and 6 rifles

1x Platoon leader running 5 Tigers of the 503rd Heavy Tank


1 company commander
1 81mm x2 crew
1x Maxim x4 crew

ATG platoon:
1x platoon leader
5x 45mm ATGs x4 crew
5 prime movers (2 1/2 ton trucks)

2 Platoons:
1x platoon leader
3x SL, 1 LMGx2 crew and 8 rifles

1 Platoon leader running 5 T-34/85s Of the 6th Guards Armoured

German: Break through anywhere on the table and get 3 Tigers and 1 functioning platoon to the rear of the Russian defensive positions

Russian: Keep the Germans out of the rear third of the table

That's 104 German and 98 Russian figures on the table. I would use the SU-100s I have, but my reading tells me they hit the road after Kursk.

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