AAR: 2nd Solo Chain Of Command

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AAR: 2nd Solo Chain Of Command

Postby John Thomas8 » Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:17 am

Ok, so I was unable to get out today to game ftf, so I set up and played a game solo.

On the German Side (force moral of 11):
1 Panzergrenadier platoon, 2 with rifles and 1 with SMGs
1 MG42 with 5 crew and junior leader
1 Pak 40 with 5 crew and junior leader
1 Panzer IV
Embedded in 30" of trenches with 24" of wire barricade
2 senior leaders


On the Russian Side:
1 regular infantry platoon (force moral of 10)
2 Maxim MMGs with 5 crew and junior leaders
1 tank rider platoon (force moral of 10)
1 Maxim MMG with 5 crew and junior leader
1 company heavy tanks: 1 HQ KV1 and 2 platoons of 2 KV1s (force moral of 10)
1 battery 81mm mortars off table for smoke support
4 senior leaders

Here's the initial layoout:


A bunch of command dice rolling, racking up CoC points (Germans got their 1st on the Phase 6 roll, the Russians on Phase 8). Both sides ran out their infantry, the Germans placing their 2 rifle-armed squads left and right with the SMG-totin' 3rd squad in the center with the MG42 in between the right and center squads:


Shooting started in earnest German Phase 11, when the Pak 40 missed a Maxim in an emplacement and the Russians countered by shooting mortar smoke:


The Germans countered the smoke by playing a CoC dice, ending the first turn after 18 phases.

Turn 2 saw the tanks come on sportin' their riders. In the first phase, the Pak 40 nailed the lead KV1 and killed 4 of the 7 riders. The Russians shot in smoke again and rammed the tanks down the road at max speed to take advantage of the smoke to close the riders into contact. The Germans earned and played a 2nd CoC dice to take the smoke off, for good this time as the Russians were now occupied with the assault in close.

Turn 3, and the KV1s wanted nothing to do with the Pak 40 and clobbered the crew down to 1 with 6 shock:


In the mean time, the German squads were firing into the woods, picking off the odd Russian here or there and keeping a steady 1-2 shock per phase on the infantry and tank riders. The 'schrek and the 'fausts kept firing, but couldn't roll a hit anything other than trees.

Turns 3-5 were more earned CoC dice and using them to skip force morale tests as the firing was hot, heavy and vaguely accurate.

Turn 5, Phase 7 saw the initial assault on the trench line, first with a KV1 and a full tank rider squad with no shock:

24 Russian dice vs 37 German dice saw that tank rider squad disappear, but the Germans lost 6 and took a FM roll for the lost team.

Before the roll:


After the roll:


At this point:
Russian infantry - 7 force morale
Russian tank riders - 5 force morale
Russian tanks - 8 force morale
Germans - 7 force morale

The Russian Regulars followed up and at the end of that close combat the Russian squad was gone, ....but so was the center of the German line including the 'schrek.

Next phase of Turn 5, eight, was a Russian go and the KV1s hammered over the wire and in the middle of the German infantry position. As they PGs were in the trenches, I didn't test for them getting over run by the tanks. Not getting the next phase, the Germans shot the lead Russian tank with a 'faust, and did Net+6 hits, causing it to explode and kill one of the MG42 crew, too. They then shifted the left squad to the center, kicking off another close combat that saw the Maxim eliminated.

End shot:


Left on the table:

1 squad
1 half squad
1 MG 42
1 Pzr IV
Force Morale stayed at 6 due to use of the CoC dice

2 regular infantry squads and 1 Maxim, full crew, Force Morale of 7
2 tank riders and their Maxim, Force Morale of 5
3 KV1s, Force Morale of 6

The Russians won I think, 1 Pzr vs 3 KV1s and 12 PGs vs 25 infantry, the Russians were going to end up taking the position unless the Germans rolled in heavy.

The difference between this game and the convention game? Two major ones: no Panthers for the Germans and the Russians actually attacked rather than hunker down and take 21 dice shots from the PG squads phase after phase.

Smoke works, and playing CoC dice to get rid of it causes ALL sorts of problems for the folks counting on it to close in for the attack.

5 turns and 35 phases in about 3 hours. Lots of goodness.

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Re: AAR: 2nd Solo Chain Of Command

Postby John Thomas8 » Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:11 am

Playing solo rules and guidelines I use:

1) Run the patrol phase for the best tactical moves for each side

2) Run each turn's command dice to for the best tactical result available for each side

3) Use a d6 to determine whether a CoC gets played, 1-3 = yes; 4-6 no.

If you don't follow 1 and 2, I can't see the sense in playing solo

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Re: AAR: 2nd Solo Chain Of Command

Postby Saladin » Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:57 am

Matrix game arguments are very helpful for solo play. There are a lot of ways to use them. One thing you can do is use them to decide how a leader will react (based on their Platoon Forward stats).


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Re: AAR: 2nd Solo Chain Of Command

Postby John Thomas8 » Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:16 am

Neat, thanks for that.

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Re: AAR: 2nd Solo Chain Of Command

Postby John Thomas8 » Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:03 pm

Smoke. The only reason the Russians succeeded is because they shot smoke from their off-table mortars. It stayed on the table just long enough to get the bulk of the tanks and tank riders into "charge" range without taking an inordinate amount of casualties from the 21 firing dice PG squads. On the other hand, the Germans playing CoC dice to end the turn and remove the smoke made the game last at least 2 turns and 15 phases longer than it would have otherwise.

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